Frequently asked questions

What does Bridge Et Al. do?

Bridge Et Al. is a global platform that brings together experts and the organisations for augmenting business transformations initiatives. We provide organisations real time access to the high quality experts and enable professionals to explore short term and long term consulting opportunities with the leading organizations around the world.

How does the platform work?

It is an online platform where the businesses across the world can access the best of the talent for short term and long term projects.

The businesses could share their requirements through an easy process and the most suited experts on the portal get notified and express their interests. Once you receive the profiles, you could screen them and interview them, all for free. You pay only when you sign up an expert, after signing the Terms & Conditions and Agreement(s).

Who are the experts? How does Bridge Et Al. screen them?

Experts are industry specialists or experienced freelancers who have expertise in the domains of Strategy, Transformation, Change Management, Digitization and Human Resources. They bring with them knowledge and skills from multiple industries and projects across the globe.

The experts are screened basis their academic Qualifications, Industry Experience, Domain Knowledge and types of projects they have worked on. This screening happens basis the details the experts share and our team’s connect with the team. It is our endeavour to find the most suitable experts for you, for both short term and long term projects.

How are the projects managed?.

Post selection of the expert, the timelines and deliverables are agreed upon by the client and the expert.

How do I engage with the expert after on boarding?

We encourage the clients to interact with the experts even if the profiles are found to be the right match. This helps you understand the expert’s relevance more clearly. Bridge Et Al. supports the clients in case they need help in understanding the value an expert brings to the project.

Can I work directly with the client on future projects?

Our Terms & Conditions state that our fee applies to any projects within 12 months of the first project posting. This is to provide a level playing field for our consultants and to ensure that we can continue to monitor the quality of our service provision. We’re always really pleased when a client wants to engage with the same consultant(s) again.

Can I hire an expert for longer time or as a full time employee?

For part-time work (with an individual or group of experts), we can create the payment agreements. For placing the experts full-time, we charge 25% of the first year’s salary.

Am I able to have the expert sign an NDA before on boarding?

Surely. Although the experts agree to keep all of their work through the Bridge Et Al. platform confidential when they join the network, our clients may choose to have experts execute their own NDA.

Can I work directly with the consultant on future projects?

Our Terms & Conditions state that you may not work with the experts directly till 12 months of the first project posting. However, you may use Bridge Et Al. Platform for connecting with the expert(s). This would help you keep your terms simple and the process seamless.

Can I sign up as both a Client and an Expert?

Absolutely. Bridge Et Al. Provides you single Sign up as an Expert and as a Client.

Can I extend my project?

You may extend your project once it started. Any follow-on work within 1 year of your project's commencement is subject to Bridge Et Al. fee.

What happens if there is a disagreement between a Client and Expert whether the project is complete?

To avoid such conditions, we suggest that the Client and the Expert set the deliverables and timeline for the project right at the commencement of the project. This helps in aligning the expectations. However, in case the disputes may arise, Bridge Et Al. team will work with both the parties to resolve it.

Who is liable for delivering work - the firm, expert or Bridge Et Al.?

Our experts are responsible for scoping and delivering work for clients and agreeing terms and deliverables. As suggested in the Terms of Service, Experts are independent contractors and Bridge Et Al. would have no control over the quality of work delivered.

Is the Client responsible for confirming that I don't have conflict by performing work with Bridge Et Al.?

Yes. By working on Bridge Et Al. platform, you represent that you are not violating any contractual or other obligations that you have with other entities.

Can a Boutique Consulting Firm act as a Client (Business User) as well as an expert?

Absolutely. Bridge Et Al.. also provides you a single sign up option, as an expert and a client.

How do we define a Boutique Consulting Firm?

Any consulting organization with a team ranging from 2 to a maximum of 100 can be described as a Boutique Consulting Firm. If a company is registered as one, it adds value while pitching for projects as it makes it a perfect match for businesses as they look to work with registered companies for ease of doing business.

How do I benefit by joining Bridge Et Al.. as a Boutique Consulting Firm?

With the work culture moving towards gig economy, crisp, consulting short term projects will soon take over the long term jobs. Joining Bridge Et Al.. platform as a boutique consulting firm will help you network collaborate with specialized and likeminded experts who could add value to your projects and in turn, open up new opportunities for you in diverse industries and geographies. Working as a boutique consulting firm arms you with a team which can provide end to end assistance to the organizations for their transformation interventions and not limiting to just one project.

How can an independent expert form a firm?

One simple option is to connect with your peers and fellow consultants and get them to register along with you as a firm. We encourage you to do so, as we find many projects requiring teams. One is also free to find experts to team up with from the Bridge Et Al. platform.

Can an independent expert also register as a Boutique Consulting Firm?

Yes! As long as one is confident to meet with specific project requirements that ask for teams and is able to bring together a team of experts as prescribed by the project. A team head who represents the rest, leads the way forward.

Can a Boutique Consulting Firm also post a project?

Definitely! The Bridge Et Al. platform has been built to make work seamless. It would be great if a Boutique Consulting Firm is able to find it viable to find experts to work on their client projects. More so, since Bridge Et Al. is a competitive market place, we are sure that you will find value here.

Who defines the pricing when a Boutique Consulting Firm posts a project?

The Boutique Consulting Firm does. It's that simple. The Boutique Consulting Firm becomes the client. Experts pitch for your projects and you follow the same path in ascertaining your best fit. The Bridge Et Al. algorithm along with the Terms and Conditions of engagement safeguard your interest by ensuring client information is not disclosed. An expert gets to know the project owner (organization) only at the time of final hiring; which you control.

Can a Boutique Consulting Firm hire an expert for themselves from the Bridge Et Al. platform?

You may choose to on board an expert through Bridge Et Al. for your firm. You will be required to make a payment of 10% of the annual compensation paid to the expert to Bridge Et Al.

Can an expert from my team take up projects posted on Bridge Et Al.?

Yes. Bridge Et Al. platform provides you access to projects across industries and countries where your team can render their services.

Can members of my team create their individual profiles on Bridge Et Al

Your team members may choose to create their separate profiles on Bridge Et Al. However, they should be tagged to your firm as members, unless your policy states that they can take up the projects independently.

How does the payment work for a project completed by my team member/s?

The payment will be made to your firm's account. Bridge Et Al. will not be paying the member/s of a boutique consulting firms individually for a successfully completed project.

What if I am registered as an expert on Bridge Et Al. and want to create a boutique consulting account?

Bridge Et Al. provides you access to add a profile as a boutique consulting firm.

Can I hire an expert for a Bridge Et Al. project?

Yes. You can hire and expert from Bridge Et Al. platform or an external resource (should be registered on Bridge Et Al. platform).

If I hire an expert through Bridge Et Al. for one project, how does he/she get paid?

If you hire an expert for a project, the payment will be made to your firm. You will have to credit the payment to the hired expert.