About us

Bridge Et Al is a project staffing and consulting firm offering solutions to the organizations looking to gain a competitive advantage in their hiring and workforce management. Wherever the future takes us, our clients are at the top-most priority. As niche experts in the areas that affect businesses the most, we aim to use our expertise to reduce the client labor costs in new and innovative ways. It is this drive for success that has led us to our project staffing and consulting services. Our unique value is driven by our result-oriented approach and our extensive experience. It’s all about the relationships and the trust built in working together on complex and critical business challenges. Our formula for success is based on our ability to anticipate emerging business needs and the flexibility to respond quickly with best practice industry solutions.

Fundamental Principles we live by -

World class Communicators:

Effective communication is central to our approach. It is our mission to provide clear and consistent communication with ongoing commitment to full and continuing transparency.

Industry leading experience:

We've been there, done that, and can provide you with best practices. We aim to be straight-forward and flexible to produce outputs that are easily maintained and not overly engineered.

Holistic view of Quality:

Simple, well-designed solutions are essential to how we do what we do. Quality is built into every step, start to finish or with modern methods and checks to ensure a high bar.

Trusted Partners who care deeply:

We take on our client’s challenges as our own. We don't over-commit and we always deliver what we commit. , your success is our success.

Continuous delivery of value:

We excel in many methodologies but we believe in the spirit of agility. We prize efficiency and emphasize rapid & iterative delivery with continuous improvement.


The singular platform where best businesses find the right talent.

How we help the businesses:

You have a vision. You just need help realizing it and you want assurance that you’ll be in good hands. Bridge Et Al. provides consulting services to companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries across the globe from Startups to the Fortune 500 companies. Our customers are CXOs, VPs, directors, managers and project owners who need expert assistance in Strategy, Change Management, Human Resources, Transformation and Digitization initiatives, critical to their business. Whether you are an enterprise or just want enterprise-level results, rest easy. We’ve got you covered.

Join forces with our industry-leading consultants to solve business-critical challenges with modern technologies and processes.

How we help the experts:

When working in consulting, it’s difficult to say which matters more: enjoying the people you work with, or being passionate about the work you are doing to help clients compete in this competitive age. Bridge Et Al. scores high on both. We are strategic partners.

How we differentiate ourselves

Results-Oriented Approach
  • Long-Term Partnerships
  • High caliber Expert Advisors
  • Specialized Skill sets
  • Integrated Teams
  • Delivery Tracking & Status
  • Empowered Teams
Connected & Invested Experts
  • Collaboration across Practice Areas
  • Recognized Thought Leaders
World Class Methodology
  • Strategic Approach
  • Solution Architecture
  • Delivery Excellence
  • Sustainable Outcomes

How we approach and deliver our projects:

Bridge Et Al. leverages an approach that focuses on laying a solid foundation before rapidly ramping up resources. Bridge Et Al.’s solution framework ensures a clear understanding of requirements, target platform and an approach to rapidly delivering business value. This allows us to tailor the consultant, team, skill sets and implementation releases to our client’s business objectives. We accomplish this clarity through both conceptual and technical prototyping to ensure a shared vision and reduce complex project's risks.